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Couples Counseling

At its core, couples counseling is meant to help couples understand and resolve conflicts to improve their relationship. It’s intended to give couples the tools to communicate with more compassion and less fear while learning how to problem-solve and deal with conflict in a healthy manner.

Service Fees

Intake Session: $155 (includes full assessment)

Couples Sessions: $115 per 50 min session

Signs You May Benefit From Couples Counseling

  • You have trust issues

  • You feel a lack of connection, emotionally and physically

  • You are constantly fighting or bickering

  • You have poor communication and are unable to agree on most issues

  • You are incapable of problem-solving together or experience unequal decision making

  • You are experiencing sexual issues, or not having sex at all

  • You have lifestyle or life-goal disagreements (i.e. money, kids, where to live, etc.)

  • You are reeling from one partner (or both) engaging in infidelity

Romantic Couple
Romantic Couple

Does Couples Counseling Actually Work?

The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists reports an overall success rate of 98%. It works, but it certainly is not easy! It takes  a commitment to the process and a willingness to be vulnerable in your relationship. 

Book Your First Session

Follow the link below to schedule your first session! 

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